Jannick Deslauriers

Born in 1983 in Joliette, Québec
Jannick Deslauriers now resides and works in Montreal
Teaches Visual Arts at Marie-Victorin College

Crafting sculpture and art installation out of Textiles

We live by the grace of the death of souls, we die by the grace of their lives.
- Empedocles

Sewing Machine/ Crinoline, Lace, Organza, and Thread / 2011 

Tank / Crinoline, Thread / 2010 

 ”The massive work is both fragile and imposing as the shape of a tank is formed from translucent fabric held together by black thread. Deslaurier’s three-dimensional drawing treats a severe subject with delicacy and beauty as the hollow formation of the tank is understood in conjunction with the textile-artifact’s sheer size.  It is as if the artist constructs the reality of war as something of a ghost in every person’s life.” – Design Boom review

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