Céline and Yves Klein

Yves Klein

(28 April 1928 – 6 June 1962)

was a French artist considered an important figure in post-war European art.
He is the leading member of the French artistic movement of Nouveau réalisme
founded in 1960 by art critic Pierre Restany.
Klein was a pioneer in the development of performance art,
and is seen as an inspiration to, and as a forerunner of, Minimal art, as well as Pop art.

“I write my name in the blue.”
Yves Klein, IKB 191, 1962.


FALL 2016 COUTURE Viktor & Rolf

Screen-caps from offical Viktor&Rolf instagram 

" Recycling is used as a means of expression. The past is looked at in a new light "

“The first feeling we had was, ‘We want something organic,” 

“We were thinking of conscious designing, and recycling. It felt kind of logical.”

“It’s good to create something new and not get stuck in the past,” 

“The references are clothing references,” 

“the shapes are still there.”

“It feels good, like a new start,”

 “You look at the past in a neutral way. Everything becomes equal in this new texture.” 


Doctor Cooper

Lisa Cooper graduated from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Fine Art. Cooper works as an artist and florist based in Sydney. Her work is imbued with intensity, darkness and character.

For her, flowers are another medium for composition and a metaphor for concepts.“They’re a potent metaphor; as individual elements they have [particular] meanings. They also have this amazing capacity to help us understand the experience of living.”

"Things of the natural world are at the intersection of heaven and earth. Of human and divine. That’s what they are. They’re inexplicable. Sometimes crazily inexplicable. How did they get here? Why are they here What is their purpose? Flowers are beyond explanation. And yet they are so of the earth that they take all of the earthly elements to come into existence. I think that’s where beauty lies." - Lisa Cooper from an interview with The Planthunter

Her distinctive floral arrangements and installation are commissioned by some of Sydney's biggest names in the art and business world. See more of her works here.

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