Viktor & Rolf FALL 2015 COUTURE

"Art comes to life in a gallery of surreal proportions,"

"A dress transforms into an artwork,

back into a dress and into an artwork again.

Poetry becomes reality, morphing back into fantasy."

"Action painting meets Baroque. 

Paint is splattered – canvas is smashed. 

Cracked textile frames unleash the silhouette and create a voluminous bend of reality. 

Intricate motifs parade the catwalk, 

transforming Golden Age paintings with the rawness and spontaneity of action painting. 

The painterly gesture is achieved through trompe l'oeil techniques: 

each artwork is executed in a complex layering of laser-cut jacquards, 

embroideries and appliqués."


Christine and the Queens - Paradis Perdus

Directed by duo J.A.C.K.
Costume design by Simon Porte Jacquemus

“The pink suit is the real protagonist of the video,” 

 “It had to grow. 
To be alive. 
It had to make me feel too old and then too young, too little and then too big. I’m lost in it.”

Paradis Perdus

Dans ma veste de soie rose
Je déambule morose
Le crépuscule est grandiose

Heartless, how could you be so heartless

Dandy un peu maudit un peu vieilli
Dans ce luxe qui s’effondre
Te souviens-tu quand je chantais dans les caves de Londres
Un peu noyé dans la fumée
Ce rock sophistiqué
Toutes les nuits tu restais là

Heartless, how could you be so heartless

Bandit un peu maudit un peu vieilli
Les musiciens sont ridés
Et ce clavier, comme c’est joli, j’essaie de me rappeler
Encore une fois les accords de
Ce rock qui bétonnait
Comme les anglais

Heartless, how could you be so heartless…

In the night I hear them talk
The coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along his road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
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