Lucia Cuba, Articulo 6

“ARTICULO 6: narratives of gender, strength and politics” 

is an activist design project that aims to raise awareness about the case of forced sterilizations implemented during the government of Alberto Fujimori in Peru.The name of the project refers to the Sixth Article of the Second Chapter in the General Health Law of Peru, which establishes that, 

"All persons shall have the right to choose freely the contraceptive method they prefer, including natural methods, and to receive, prior to the prescription or administration of any contraceptive method, appropriate information on the methods available, their risks, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and the physical, physiological, or psychological effects that might be caused by their use."

Between 1996-2000, over 300,000 women and 16,000 men were sterilized through a birth control policy applied during Alberto F. Fujimori's regime in Peru. Most of them came from economically deprived communities in the Highlands, Cost and the Amazon regions of the country, where the majority of people do not speak Spanish, and where high rates of poverty, maternity and mortality can be found.

"Contraceptive Voluntary Surgery" was applied massively. At least 2,074 reports have been presented to the public prosecutor’s office. The victims/patients were taken to local medical centers with false information, pressuring and sometimes bribing them and their families in order to have the procedures done. Medical procedures where executed without consent, using fake signatures and un-translated consent forms or "agreements". Some testimonies also refer to unsanitary conditions in the medical centers, and to the poor post-operatory information that resulted in complications that lead to the death of some victims/patients.

Sterilizations were conducted without considering the patient's cultural background. The majority of victims/patients were indigenous people, with their own beliefs, cultural practices and customs.

In 2001, a brave group of 12 women from the town of Anta, in Cusco, denounced the violation of their rights and the intractable fact that they had being sterilized without their consent, for life. Fifteen years have passed since the first cases were reported. In March 2012 the case of Forced “Contraceptive Voluntary Surgery" was reopened by the public prosecutor's office for the third time. The case runs the risk of being dismissed, again.

Now is the time to bring this case to the forefront of public opinion and raise awareness of the need to respect, remember and bring justice to those affected by this vertical and discriminatory public policy that must not be repeated.

Please click http://www.articulo6.pe/# to get more information


Florent Tanet

 Inspired by

a luxury comestibles boutique

in the famous Le Bon Marché department store in Paris

 photographer Florent Tanet 

arranged every day fruits and vegetables


graphic patterns,

successively sculptures

and still lives.


Claudio Parentela

Born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy)

He is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist freelance....

We're happy to have an interview witClaudio Parentela, here it is,

"My artwork represents all of me 

– my natural madness, my dreams

my love for the world of fashion and all my 10,000 knots." 



" My life drives me to create

It is wonderful to know that everyday,

I can just paint all day

It’s a perfect job and a fantastic way to live

– it helps me feel alive. "


" My art is my freedom 

– it’s been difficult to arrive here but now I feel so free,

 I can create freely. " 


To see more of Claudio’s artwork visit his website.


Andy Warhol

前幾日去了Andy Warhol 15 Minutes eternal的展覽
終於欣賞到Andy Warhol除了香蕉人像罐頭之外的作品
我想不到有什麼比香蕉人像罐頭更Andy Warhol
所以老實說, 我都是一個很膚淺的人

Dream is nothing until you achieve it

Picture taken at MoMu (Fashion Museum) in Antwerp, Belgium

You have your dream
Build everything from scratch
Sometimes you get lost
You feel anxious
You have frustration
But it's all right

As long as you know what you go after
what you are doing it for

It is a dream
It can be a reality

Do not take life seriously
but take yourself seriously

Happy New Year



不知不覺原來define us已經陪伴了我們兩年有多

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