Ryan McGinley

Years Ago, I got some incredibly cool posters from agnes.b store, showing beautiful pictures of young people running, jumping, playing around the campfire in naked. They are so comfortable, so free out in the wild. It made me wonder who took those amazing pictures. I love them so much that I posted all on my bedroom's walls. Some of them are like screenshots taken from a foreign/indie film. Then I saw his work on Sigur Ros' album cover.

Yes His name is Ryan McGinley.
The youngest artist having a solo show at the Whitney Museum back in 2002 at the age of 24

"Youth, liberation and the joy of losing yourself in the moment are elements that feature throughout Ryan McGinley’s work, from his early roots in documenting the urban adventures of his downtown Manhattan friends to his subsequent cross-country travels in utopian environments throughout America to his most recent studio portraits. McGinley’s elaborate and rigorous process of photo-making creates moments of breathtaking beauty: naked feral kids poised in ecstatic abandon. The lack of clothing and other contemporary signifiers along with the archetypical landscapes give the photos a sense of timelessness in which the viewer can project his or her own story. The use of animals is another facet of McGinley’s exploration of the natural world. They bring out the animalistic qualities of the nude figure, and the scratches on the bodies signify our desire to commune with nature and the excitement and risks inherent therein."

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