The Loose Salute

Former Slowdive drummer Ian McCutcheon founded the dream-pop/country indie band The Loose Salute. Apart from drumming, Ian as a songwriter also plays guitar and sings in the band, together with Lisa Billson (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Charlotte King (harmonies, percussion, guitar, bells & whistles), Alan Forrester (bass, keys), Alden Evans (guitar, bass & lap steel) and Robert Jesse (guitar) the six-piece divides their time between London, Wiltshire and Cornwall, producing soothing folksy songs full of cheerfulness.

The band is currently signed to Big Potato Records in the UK and Graeface Records in the US. 

Their second album 'Getting Over Being Under' includes 'Happy I Don't Count', 'This is Love', 'The Curse of Caring' and more. 

We talked to Ian about some random facts about himself. Here is the interview.
The Loose Salute- Its a Beautiful Thing

The Loose Salute - Happy I Don't Count - Official Music Video from Lee Evans on Vimeo.

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