Erika Janunger

The work of Erika Janunger spans the fields of architecture, interior design and music, however her latest piece Weightless adds filmmaking into the mix to create a hypnotic film that itself defies categorisation, and has spawned a bookcase that is currently produced by Carl Malmsten. Erika joins us to discuss how space, movement and music can be combine to create and explore the worlds we inhabit.

"There is so much to love and to be fascinated by in this world. How things move and sound and behave. But mostly I can't stop thinking about how we behave when we take in the world around us, how we move in it, how we react to it and how we interpret everything we experience. "

"I have a mastersdegree in fine arts, or interior architecture, to be exact. I also love to work with music, and to combine the two, the ear and the eye, is the most magical thing I know."

In bedroom Malin Stattin, In livingroom Tuva Lundkvist, Directed byErika Janunger, Scenography Erika Janunger, Photography and lightDavid Grehn, Costume Johanna Adebäck, Hair and Makeup Klara Janunger, Editing Josefine Truedsson, Postproduction Gustaf Holmsten, Music/ Lyrics/Vocals Erika Janunger, PercussionPontus Langendorf, Keyharp Erik Rydvall, Saxophones Nis Bäckvall, Produced by Henrik Svensson

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