Even being apart over miles the duo from Collarbones, Travis and Marcus, have managed to collaborate and produce cohesive and polished electro-pop music together. Their LP  Iconography is available here


Travis Cook (Cyst Impaled) and Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock) formed Collarbones over the internet in late 2007, and within a few short weeks they had committed to a long-term music-making relationship. Since then they've divided time between Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, playing shows with the likes of Samiyam, making mix tapes, covering Justin Bieber with great fondness and releasing the Pitchfork adored single 'Beaman Park' in 2010.
Marcus Whale and Travis Cook shared files until instrumentals were at a point where Whale could lay down elegant RnB laden hooks over the chopped samples and digital soundscapes. The album is an assured debut, full of confidence and brimming with ideas that pull in diverse influences from the experimental to the mainstream.

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