Veronique Branquinho Pre-Spring/Resort 2016



"A return to simplicity and to an uncomplicated lifestyle"

 Veronique Branquinho x Ronald Stoops 

"I need a really simple pace in my life.
 I just long for simple, authentic things.
 That’s why I said with this collection, 
instead of making a whole story, 
let’s just focus on 15 dresses. 
This is how it started – with a return to simplicity. 
I think that there was a feeling of nature that was connected to that. 
That’s why we decided to go to a forest with the girls and the dresses. 
Like with my A/W15 collection, 
there are words hidden in the dresses: 
love, hope and faith. 
And in a skirt there is "wild at heart", 
like the song or the movie by David Lynch, 
which I really love. 
It’s also a really nice state of mind — 
it’s an option to be wild at heart. 
To be free. Freedom from the rules."

"It’s always been a twisted relationship between fashion and the industry. 
It’s a creative thing, 
but it seems like all the figures and numbers have taken over. 
And I think we need to find a balance. 
I think when I started I was much more confident about designing and 
now it’s about rules. 
This collection was an emotional thing; 
I asked myself, 
'where do I come from? 
When was I really happy?' 
Because I am happy in the moment of creation, 
and I really love it, 
but this whole thing is tough. 
Especially because, 
even if I'm good, 
I'm still just a little studio; 
I have nothing to compare with the big brands. 
I’m not really playing on the same field." 

"One of the things I said to myself when we started was that
 I really need to find a way that I feel happy working in the industry, 
but also that I connected with people that I love, 
I trust. I just want to be surrounded by them, 
in both life and work. 
It makes it so much better. 
 I need this to be anchored. 
I love what I do — I love my job. 
Because I am happy in the moment of creation."

You can read the interview of Veronique with AnOther magazine here
 and check out the collection here ;)

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