Cai Guo Qiang - Falling Back to Earth

蔡國強 -《歸去來兮》

歸去來兮一詞取自晉代陶淵明的歸去來辭歸去來兮的解釋是 " 回來吧 !"

" Falling Back to Earth " is an installation involves 99 life-sized replicas of animals, water, sand and drip mechanismIt inspired by "Going Home". A poet written by Tao Yuanming, the Chinese poet of the Six Dynasties period.  

The scene references the lakes of moreton bay’s islands, which the artist visited in 2011.  All animals are lowering their heads into the crystal blue lake, they stand on powder white sand and simulate a mass drink from the oblong reservoir filled with 170 tons of water.

It illustrates seemingly a peaceful gathering of predator and prey, the menagerie of heritage conveys an almost reverential solemnity, in a lyrical utopian vision loaded with uncertainty.‘ 

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