Tero Saarinen

is a Finnish dancer and choreographer
In 1996 he founded his own "Tero Saarinen Company"

" When we talk about art, I think that the risk-taking makes it more exciting. If it is too calculated and comfortable, and does not have a possibility for the participants to take risks, then it is not alive. It is a risk with some kind of safety. And I think that is also in my life. I never cared about my contracts, my pensions. You have to take other injections of inspiration from other cultures. It is all about the structure. The ideology of our company is like that, we take risks but under control, on stage and off stage."

" I read days ago an interview I did when I was 25, saying “I am not afraid of getting old…” So I think that there is this dilemma of the dancer, you feel you do not have to exhaust physically yourself to transmit things. You can do less but still transmit more things. People ask “when do you stop?” I still have not decided when I stop. I am quite critical with myself, so I suppose I will decide to stop when I am not able to transmit anything anymore. When the dialogue with the audience does not happen, I will stop before that."

" You can't dance classical ballet after a certain point if you don't want to do parody. But if the body still works and the desire's there, a place can be found on stage for everyone."

" I dance because I do not want to talk. Everything can be said in the art of dance."

" There is always this fundamental need to express emotions and observations of life through movement. Music, films, books or just incidents in everyday life can serve as source of inspiration but choreographic ideas can also be born without them."

" There were so many things boiling inside of me. Dancing and choreographing was really the most effective and most suitable way for me to study and talk about human emotions and behavior."

" I feel we are carrying inheritance from our ancestors in our minds and bodies. To be able to connect in to the present and even to dream on creating something new, we must be aware of our past."

" The visual appearance of the piece is rooted in the aesthetics of frugality and the accentuation of opposites."

" I made no sudden decision to become a choreographer, but I wanted to dance ballets based on my own experience. I created honest pieces reflecting my life, and it felt right "

“Dance is my attempt to understand human nature and its multiple manifestations.”

" I do not have any discrimination against any kind of dance. I think any kind of dance in education is good, the important factor is what you do with it. All the techniques are a nutrition for your body, in this way I feel privileged because first of all I could start late, I did all kinds of activities for my body, sport and stuff…..they represent an alphabet for your physicality."

PS. because of the copyright, most of the videos i can't upload here. 
i suggest you better search his name and you will find some good videos of him.

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