Jan Willem van Welzenis

(b.1981, Netherlands)

Jan Willem van Welzenis is a Dutch painter
originally from a small medieval town nearby Gouda. 

He is now living in Dordrecht,
A city that is famous for its Dutch Golden Age painters 
such as Albert Cuyp, Ferdinand Bol and Romantic painter Ary Scheffer. 

With sweeping gestural brushstrokes and a calligraphy manner of painting, 
his art is an original style of abstract expressionism
influenced and inspired by 
the action painters and Willem de Kooning and Cy Twombly.

Graffiti-like scribbles and scratches blend with thick paint on paper, 
he blurs distinctions between drawing and painting:

“I work fast and directly without trying to make up what and how to paint,
but only work intuitively. 
Sometimes I wish for a light space with vibrant colors, 
but sometimes I need a moorland with violent scratches.”

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