Juergen Teller: Woo Exhibition at ICA

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) is currently holding an exhibition of Juergen Teller's landmark works and his recent personal series from 23 January to 17 March 2013.

Teller has been one of the most important photographers of our generation, who managed to operate  successfully between the art world and commercial photography. Teller employs a distinct, raw and overexposed style with his camera. His works are constantly featured in various fashion magazines like Vogue, Another Magazine, Purple, i-D, etc. He is also famous for his collaboration with Marc Jacobs in advertising campaigns. His photos always show the most surprising poses and emotional intensity of the models including famous celebrities Victoria Beckham, Winona Ryder, Kurt Cobain, Sofia Coppola, Vivienne Westwood and many more. His portraits are full of humour, provocation and emotions.

Pay it a visit and you will find beauty in ugliness and bizarreness.

extracts from Art Review and ICA

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