Karina Eibatova

Karina Eibatova

Floral Anthem, 2010
Single channel video projection
Duration: 9:41 min

The art Installation Flower Anthem, created by Russian artist Karina Eibatova, has been picked up and covered by electronic band Washed Out, becoming a piece of art in both the musical and visual art realms. Eibatova has created something hypnotic, its originality leaving you wondering whether it is beautiful, strange, or both.

Karina studied fine art at St Petersburg in Sweden and Contemporary art in Moscow. Her work is connected to the notions of nature, peace and love. Influenced by earth and space, she delicately transforms floral motives into her own surreal, psychedelic scenes, rebelling against the remorseless actions of society and the continual destruction of the environment.

Floral Anthem again plays with the themes of nature and destruction. Karina describing the visual monolog as a metaphor for returning back to paradise, to celebrate a state in which women are pure and beautiful just as nature is unperturbed when left in its original state of being.

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