Petra Collins

Petra Collins, at the age of 19, is making a sensation in the art and fashion scene. Her hazy, provocative shots of teenage girls have been featured in popular magazines such as Vice, Oyster, HUH and Complex. Petra is currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her pictures are like screen-caps extracted from a cult movie. 

"This is like a time where I'm coming of age and I'm learning everything and it comes through in my photos," Petra said. "It's also something I'm very interested in, femininity and sexuality."

Nadja Sayej, a Canadian art journalist and critic currently based in Berlin, admits she didn't expect the teenager to have much talent after she interviewed her for a story she was doing on Kern. But after seeing her work, Sayej quickly realized Collins was much more than an attractive, popular teenager. She calls Collins a "creative leader" and describes her style as "post-hipster, social media photography, that's not necessarily narcissistic."
"It looks like she's taken her best friends from high school and polished them into super glamorous but not overdone, high quality style magazine fashion stuff," she said. "For that to function in the art world, it takes a really particular balance to pull that off right."

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