Farhad Moshiri

1963 born in Shiraz, Iran.

Lives and works in Tehran. 

“Text became a shortcut for me to reach a certain emotional level. I noticed that text had an effect on people that an image never could,” 

“I’m sure my subjects come from some childhood hang-ups that I might not have worked through. A psychologist could explain this better than me.” 

“They are my paint. They’re even more valid than paint.” 

“It makes it easier for people to understand a work when you give it human characteristics,” 

“Things were adventurous, my imagination was running wild. The energy was incredible. To imagine an aesthetic that is completely run out of this world. Nothing was held back. Everything was unchained.” 

“An artificial make-believe lifestyle fascinates me. I use fake diamonds in paintings, and that’s somehow related to the fact that some people want to believe that they’re real diamonds. Art is about illusion. It’s a manufactured idea in order to reach a certain illusion and expression via artificial methods… so suddenly the whole thing makes sense. We’re all in the same boat.”

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