Ilovefakemagazine-Celebrating the spirit of youth

Ilovefake Magazine is a digital bi-monthly magazine mixing fashion, art & culture. Celebrating the spirit of youth. 

We are..
We are independent artists and publishers who are looking beyond a conventional method of distribution and production, hence the online format. We constantly reinvent ourselves and always want to encourage creativity. Our goal is to be an inspiration guide worldwide in the fashion and culture industry.

Our readers...
Our readers are young people (age 16 - 40) with good taste, who are interested in fashion, art & design, they are opinion formers and define brand credibility. More than usual our readers are style leaders, they are either working or studying in the fashion or art industry. 

Sometimes what we need is youth and talent
Just like what Jeremy Scott said
"Fashion shouldn't be a church that you pray to"
why not to have some fun on it 
Ilovefakemagazine is really great 
It's worth for you to fall in love with it 

Also, i hope one day i can send my work to them.


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