Lukasz Wierzbowski

Please tell Lukasz I have so much love for his photography - girl's face behind the flower pot, hair over unknown faces, human attempts to blend with the nature, hidden under the car ... quirky, fun and emotional. Some photography just makes you love at first sight. It is such a pleasure to look at Lukasz' pictures. 



Lukasz Wierzbowski, better known as Neon Tambourine on Flickr, is a Polish freelance photographer insisting on shooting in film only, currently living and working in Wroclaw, Poland. He was the one who always wanted to study history of art, but instead he became a dental technician, and after that he started studying psychology, only to realize that the only thing he truly loves is photography. 

Lukasz' works become popular hits on tumblr and flickr. It was his father who first introduced him to film photography by showing Lukasz (age of 12) how to operate one of the old rangefinder cameras he owned.

Lukasz drew inspirations from what he experienced and was hoping to collaborate with aspiring young fashion designers. His recent commissioned work from Urban Outfitters is absolutely mesmerizing. 

We are delighted to talk with Lukasz about himself

Visit his amazing blog

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