Bermuda Bonnie

Bermuda Bonnie is a music solo project by Rebecca Huston who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Evil by Bermudabonnie

Define yourself
Imagine group of 15 best friends, all around age 11 dancing around on a hot beach at sunset, eating rainbow popsicles and dancing in perfect synchrony when an extraterrestrial life form beams them all up to a psychedelic space ship. On this ship, they find themselves in a technicolor dance all, with smoke, laser beams, and extravagant swimming pools. The aliens offer them the secret to eternal youth, which also comes with the ability to never have to rest to keep dancing, so they dance, and dance, forever.

Originally, it was The Smiths who inspired me to start writing my own music, but my influences sonically consist of Stephen Merrett, Fiery Furnaces, Of Montreal, Passion Pit, but mostly pool parties and rooftop sunrises.

Pros and Cons of being a musician
The "pros" of being a musician would have to be all the free traveling into space for alien dance parties, hover-boarding, unicorn riding, free snacks, and having an "excuse" for staying up all night long and sleeping all day. As for the "cons"? Having difficulty describing how awesome I am to non-alien lifeforms would have to take the cake.

Favourite Places
Aside from psychedelic technicolor alien dance halls in space ships (obviously,) I also enjoy remote deserted islands, any place with delicious mixed drinks. There was this one time when my Dad and I were on a shallow sandy "spot" in the middle of Lake Poygan when Daft Punk appeared and gave us a private show while we water-skied and danced. That was pretty sweet.

Feeling Lost ?
Oh I feel lost all the time, sometimes I wake up not knowing what planet the beach I'm on is.... I'm currently a beta tester for a new (top secret) Google Maps "galaxy edition" which has helped me a tremendous amount when I'm floating in space and trying to find where planet earth is. I often get lost in my music and don't know what direction is up, nor what direction is down. Sometimes I get lost in different dimensions and have difficulty understanding what "reality" is.

Best Gig
I bought this flash drive once that was sold as "1GB" but once I plugged it into my computer the actual memory of it was a whopping 1069 megabytes!!! That was definitely the best GIG I've ever had, since most of the time there is less storage than is advertised.

Three essential things
Swimming with fish in water, dancing with robots on the beach, and my personal intergalactic unicorn taxi.

Picnic or movie
Without a doubt I'd pick doobie, I am a big supporter of marijuana legalization and find it to be a great icebreaker when meeting extra-terrestrial beings, it brings people together and expands their minds.... what's that?  you meant "movie" and not "doobie?" sorry, then definitely a picnic... obviously. 

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