Andy Denzler

(3rd August 1965 in Zurich) is a Swiss artist.
The art media he works with comprise
 painting, printing, screen printing, graphic design, sculpture and drawing.

Andy Denzler’s works move between abstraction and reality.
With the classic means of oil painting, 
the artist endeavors to fathom the borderlines between fiction and reality.
 He presents his own perception of the world in his pictures. They are snap-shots of events that take place, blurred, distorted movements, Freeze Frames that stylistically move between Photorealism and Abstract Expressionism
In his paintings Denzler frequently alludes to other media.
 Titles and subject matter refer to films
as for instance in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Viktoria in The Birds. 
His "Motion Paintings" are divided into four groups of works: "Portraits", "History Paintings", "Figures & Landscapes" and "Urban Figures". Andy Denzler translates them into painting, sculpture and drawing.
"Andy Denzler analyses the medium, the ideational and representational possibilities inherent in present-day painting with dedication and enthusiasm. 
He has thereby secured himself an important and individual position on the international art scene and attracted the enthusiastic attention of collectors. (Tages-Anzeiger, 24 August 2008, translated from German)"

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