Ben Grasso

Ben Grasso was born in 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio and lives and works in New York.

“With a palette that both augments the vividness, and thus the confusion, and even horror, of these unraveled, suspended structures, while amplifying to its sublimity, Grasso lends an unflinching eye in his depictions of the process of decomposition/re-composition. Through the gorgeously scrupulous conveyance of planks and frames and angles, these paintings are dedicated to the graphic description and analysis of a given emblem—the American home. As dissection sheds light on the anatomical relations among components, viewers get a snapshot of total havoc. And yet whatever might be seriously at stake here, the surrealism of the scene is always there to mediate the experience of viewers, and the images never fail to insist on their acutely wrought artifice“.

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